Grid Defence

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Build towers to stop the enemies capturing a row of grid positions.


Use the mouse button to activate context menu system to buy or upgrade towers. (Tip: Hold Shift to keep menu up after selecting upgrade)

Destroyed enemies yeld points that are added to your score and bounty that is added to your bank.

Interest payments are made to your bank account every 25 enemies unleashed.

The Grid

There are 3 bands, x1, x2 and x3. Towers bought within each band will cost the equivolent amount extra to buy and repair. However, kills made within each band will generate the same extra score and bounty.

Enemies start from a random grid position at the bottom and work their way to the top. A position is captured once the enemy reaches the top. Once a row is captured it's game over. Bonus is awarded for finishing the game with as few positions captured. A perfect game would have no positions captured!


Standard - Will route to avoid attack. Standard heath and speed.

Fast - Will route to avoid attack. Lower heath but higher speed.

Hard - Will route to avoid attack. Higher heath but lower speed.

Direct - Will take the most direct route up the grid, regardless of danger.

Bonus - A harder standard enemy that will give a score, bounty or interest rate increase bonus when killed.


Push - Does not fire, but will push enemies away. Can increase 'push' (or perceived threat) with upgrades.

Rapid - Quick but low damange. Can increase rate of fire with upgrades.

Chain - The damaged is passed to other enemies in range. The number of enemies effected can be increased with upgrades.

Slower - Slows enemies that it hits. The length of time an enemy is slowed can be increased with upgrades.

The threat a tower produces to an enemy increases as the tower is upgraded. It is important to manage this threat.

Enemies hitting towers with cause damage to the tower. Once a tower has 0 health (HP) then it will stop working and must be repaired. Constant repairing of the same towers will cause them to weaken, and repair costs to rise.

Basic tactics

use the cheep 'push' towers to help channel the enemies into the path of your towers. Give the enemies what seems to be an escape route, only to lead them to death.

Known Issues

Please see the blog for changelogs.