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Word Square

Rearrange a grid of letters to form as many words as possible, like a word search in reverse! Game play twists such as static letters, double word score and chasing various bonus awards keep things interesting. Professional word lists, US and UK spelling.

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Please see the blog for news and changelogs.

A FAQ is available at the bottom of this page here.

In-app Shop

The in app shop is accessable from the title screen.

Go Pro

Buy the Pro upgrade to:

- Remove Ads

- Unlimited levels (standard is caped at 10)

- Practice mode

- Increase start time through gaining achievements


In Word Square you must rearrange a grid of letters to form as many words as possible. Don't worry about adjacent letters not making a word.

Its like a word search in reverse!

When your time runs out, or you submit the grid early, the words in the grid are found and their scores added up.

If your grid score is better than the level target, then you progress to the next level.

On the next level, the target will be higher and the time slightly shorter!


The letter score is shown on the tile. The word score is simply all the letter scores added up...

With exceptions...

5 letter words score a bonus.

6 letter words score abigger bonus!

If the word is formed with a immovable tile, its also given a bonus.

If the word is formed with a double tile, its worth twice as much again.

Also, a time bonus is added at the end of a level for quick times.


Each level you have the chance to earn a bonus by beating the level target score by over a given amount.

The amount and bonus type are shown under the grid.

Bonuses can be:

Score. An amount is added to your score.

Time. Extra time is added to your timer.

Target freeze. The target will not increase when starting the next level.


How do I uninstall the game?

I believe there is an option to uninstall in Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Spira2. If that doesn't work, try restarting the phone and trying again.

Why does the game require internet access?

In order to support the uploading of hi score data to this web site.