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Word Game 2

Sequel to the original Word Game. Rebuild for modern phones / tablets, with many of the most requested new features, including 'Rack Lock' and hints. US and UK spellings from a professional word list.

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Please see the blog for news and changelogs.

A FAQ is available at the bottom of this page here.

In-app Shop

The in app shop is accessable from the title screen.

Go Pro

Buy the Pro upgrade to:

- Remove Ads

- Unlimited levels (standard is caped at 99)

- Practice mode

- Increase start time through gaining achievements


Select letters from the 'Rack' in the middle of the screen to form a word of 3 or more letters. Press the 'Submit' button when your word is complete. If the word matches one in the dictionary then a score is calculated by adding the values of the letters in the word. See later for other scoring rules. The letters used are removed from the rack and are replaced with the next ones from the 'Pile' at the bottom of the screen. Also extra time is allocated to you if the word length is 4 or more.

For every word that matches, time is added to the lock timer. At any time after the lock timer has passed a minimum, you can 'Lock' the rack for a period of time. While the rack is locked, the letters are not replaced when you match a word, enabling you to match more than one word from the same set of letters. The rack will remain locked until the lock timer runs out, or you select the Lock button again.

Press the 'Shuffle' or 'Sort' buttons at any time to rearrange the letters in the rack, to maybe give you inspiration.

Press the 'X' button to the left of your word to clear the letter selection and start again. Delete a single letter from your selection using the '<' button to the right.
Under each letter in the rack is an 'X' button that can be used to remove that letter from the rack and be replaced with the next letter from the pile.
The X buttons are only available 3 seconds after the rack has been refilled.


A successful word match scores the sum of the words individual letter scores
x2 if double word score active
+ the current 'Combo' value.

Double word score - If the word length is best available, the next word scores double.

Combo - For every word you make greater than 3 in length a point is added to your combo score. For every word that is not a match in the dictionary the combo score is reset to 0.


The dictionary is a subset (word length 3 to 7) of the CSW12 or TWL06 word lists used in tournament Scrabble. For more information see this CSW12 article or this TWL06 article.

Letter values

The following table details the letter vaules:

Letter Value
A, E, I, N, O, R, S, T, U 1
D, G 2
B, C, M, P 3
F, H, V, W, Y 4
K 5
J, X 8
Q, Z 10

Letter probability

The following table details the rough probabilities that any given letter may be placed on the pile:

0.08 0.02 0.03 0.04 0.12 0.02 0.025 0.025 0.065 0.01 0.01 0.035 0.03
0.065 0.075 0.02 0.01 0.065 0.05 0.075 0.035 0.015 0.02 0.01 0.02 0.01

This data is only rough as there are separate algorithms in place to ensure that you don't get a run of vowels or consonants.

Hidden Words

A number of words are hidden in the game for you to find. These words are arranged into 8 categories.


Why does the game require internet access?

In order to support the uploading of hi score data to this web site.

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