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Shove It

Shove It is an extreme version of old game 'Shove Halfpenny'. You have to 'shove' a counter towards a target avoiding or interacting with obstacles that lie in your path. Multiple score combos, star ratings and achievements keep you addicted.

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Please see the blog for news and changelogs.

A FAQ is available at the bottom of this page here.

Pro Version

A paid for 'Pro' version is available. The differences between Pro and standard are:

- Removes Ads

- Unlimited levels (standard doesn't wrap after completion)

- Extra lives for accumulating achievements


'Pick up' the counter by placing your finger over it.

'Shove' the counter towards the target by moving your finger over the throw line at the bottom of the screen.

Once the counter crosses the line it is released and will follow a path determined by the direction and speed at which your finger was moving.

Get the counter within the target to progress to the next level. The closer the counter is to the target the greater the score.

Stars are awarded based on how close you have come to the center of the target.

*** - Within 6 on the center
** - Within 12 on the center
* - Within 24 on the center

Each throw that recieves a star adds to a combo counter increasing the points you score for the next level. Failing to earn a star (or failing to hit the target) resets this counter. An extra life is awarded every 3000 points.


Once a level has been 'unlocked' by reaching it in the main game, it is available to practice on from the practice menu. Here you can work to improve your star rating, continue to earn achievements and take your new skills back to the main game.


There are a number of achievements to complete outside the normal rules of the game. More lives are awarded for the main game as you accumulate more achievements (up to 3 extra) in the Pro version.


A table is made up of one or more of the following obstacles set up between you and the target.

WallThe counter will bounce off a wall with slightly reduced speed
Moving WallAs wall, but they move on a fixed path
Breakable WallAs wall, but will break and be removed from the table once hit
Bumper WallThe counter will bounce off a bumper with increased speed
Ice PatchThe counter will experience very little friction when passing over an ice patch
Mud PatchThe counter will experience lots of friction when passing over a mud patch


The game wont download (pro)

Almost all queries I get from people who say the Pro version wont download involve a disputed payment in Google Checkout. Please check for emails from them, or log on to your Checkout account to investigate.

Why does the game require internet access?

In order to support the uploading of hi score data to this web site.

How do I uninstall the game?

I believe there is an option to uninstall in Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Shove It. If that doesn't work, try restarting the phone and trying again.